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Plastic Surgery Stories Deborah's Breast Augmentation Story
A.K.A. Sassy

Hi, my name is Deborah..also known as "Sassy" on the forum.  I'm 38 y/o and I had my BA in March of this year. I've wanted "boobs" like forever but never got the nerve to do it until one faithful day I was in Victoria's Secret trying on nighties for my honeymoon.  My girlfriend, Brandi, was with me and I just broke down in tears....I told her that everything looked wonderful as long as it was hanging on the hanger and not on my boobless body. I went home and told my fiance'....he tried to make me feel better....but I was determined that "I WANTED BOOBS" and I was going to have them.  My BA was the day after we got back from the honeymoon (I didn't want to be in pain on honeymoon...LOL).  I love them....I truly love that I can wear those skimpy little things and make em look good.  Here's a pic of me before my BA......and one in my first swimsuit after the BA.

Becca's Breast SurgeryPlastic Surgery Stories

I have been looking through the site at everything since last Oct. It has really helped me a lot. I was a perfect 34B until I started gaining weight at age 22. I stretched out my body and it has really bounced back into shape for me the past few years....all except the "skin" where my breasts used to be. I am now 34A skin full of nothing....about to become a full D cup. Here are a few pics from my honeymoon. I cant wait to look as good in my clothes as you all do!!!!! I will send some post op pics after my surgery on Aug. 11th. I am so glad that you have made this site what it is.....what a great source of info and a wonderful way to ease the mind!!!

Vicky's Surgery Story
A.K.A. Boopadoopn 

I have as long as I can remember always wanted to get a BA so I could even out my body, get that hour glass figure.  You know, look like a WOMAN and not a little high school girl!   And here I am, 25, 5'4, 123lbs ...and FEELING GREAT!!  I was even told I look like a "porn Star" in this pic....ROFLMAO....I, of course, took that as a COMPLIMENT!!! I love my twins and wouldn't trade them for anything...

Hi, I'm Tracy (31), from Southern California. (aka: Kra-Z-Tracy). I have 4 children, yes...all mine! 1 boy (13), and 3 girls

(9, 3, and 18 mos). I am a stay at home mom and I have my own internet business selling Wedding gowns and accessories. I LOVE what I do! I make my own hours and earn as much as I want and still get to be with the kiddos! 

Since I was 13, I had large breasts. I breast fed all 4 of my children and was left a size 34AA! My chest was so flat, bras were cumbersome and kept sliding up toward my chin! lolol...I can laugh about it now, but it really put me into a depression. I just wanted my clothes to fit right and to feel like a woman again. I love having breasts again, and so does my honey!!! ~whoo!

Barbara's Breast Augmentation Journal
55 Years Young

My Story

Two years ago, I started to actively research breast augmentation and discovered your wonderful site. The information posted on it was a tremendous help in my decision process, including the discovery of my doctorand learning what to expect post-surgery. I’m writing to share my experience since most of your postings are from younger women.

I am a reasonably fit, attractive and healthy (5’4” and 123 lbs) 57 year-old who is relatively young looking / young at heart. In 2000, I retired to Arizona from a terrific, but a long, enjoyable, and hectic high-tech executive career in Silicon Valley. In 2002 at age 55, I finally had a breast augmentation!

Most of my adult life I had thought about undertaking this step, but my busy career (as well as concerns about both the operation’s safety and recovery process not to mention the potential reactions I would get from my co-workers / employees / customers) precluded my acting on my desire to adequately fill out a bathing suit top without tons of padding… While vacationing in the Caribbean over the Millennium, I purchased a wonderful lemon yellow bikini on the island of Virgin Gorda (BVI) as a “carrot” and promised myself I would finally have a breast augmentation to be able to look and feel good in such a cute suit!

Selecting a Plastic Surgeon

After doing some thorough research on breast augmentation and consulting with several well-regarded doctors, I underwent breast augmentation surgery on February 21, 2002. I went from a puny 36A to a full 36C thanks to the skillful work of Dr. John Corey of Scottsdale, AZ! In addition to ensuring that the size of my new breasts would be suited to my figure (“natural looking” for my height and frame), Dr. Corey also addressed and beautifully corrected the fact that my small breasts had been both uneven (1 higher than the other) and widely spaced. My under the muscle surgery was done using the less-invasive Brazilian method. My saline implants are by Mentor (each was a size 425; Left was filled to 475cc and Right to 450cc).

Brazilian Method (no nipple cutting, loss of sensation or scarring!)

In addition to the time commitment required to have and recover from implant surgery, my main concern was for a natural look for my frame. I was also concerned about having little or no loss of sensation due to scars in my nipples, the common route for implant insertion. Thanks to your site and the wonderful women who posted their experiences, I learned of the Brazilian method and about a highly respected doctor in the Phoenix area who was skilled in this non-invasive method. While the cost for my surgery was slightly higher than other reports on your site (the total cost for my procedure was just under $4600, including all associated expenses beyond the doctor’s surgical fees), it was truly worth it: I have beautifully balanced and soft breasts, no visible scars (they are in lower of the 2 crease lines in each armpit), and no loss of sensation (due to the method used). In short, I love my new figure!


Another key value of your site was obtained through reading the stories posted by women about what they experienced / recommended regarding recovery. This prepared me for the need to set aside plenty of time to recover properly as well as prepare my husband and myself for pain of the immediate aftermath. My wonderful husband provided excellent pampering which allowed me to essentially remain in bed for 3 days. He regularly gave me my pain pills and those critical bags of frozen peas to reduce swelling. He also prepared all meals and pampered me wonderfully.

My recovery experience was as follows: the first afternoon / evening I was blissfully “out of it” after arriving home from the surgery (my husband knew to drive especially carefully when making turns on the 1 ½ hour drive home; thankfully, my drugs were great). The next day, I experienced what I would politely describe as extremely unpleasant (excruciating?) pain whenever I moved. I then promptly experienced the “what have I done?” reaction described by many women on your site! The high and swollen nature of my breasts coupled with the associated pain certainly mirrored the experience of others I had read about, but nonetheless caused me to think “oh my God!” I truly hoped my breasts were just horribly swollen and that the swelling would be fleeting since I looked comically huge…

Fortunately the following day was slightly less painful and the 3rd day after my surgery had me feeling almost human. From then on, my recovery became relatively swift and more pain free with each passing day. The swelling started to subside (I quickly switched to Motrin which helped with both the pain and swelling and got me off of the heavy drugs). It was quite amazing how quickly I went from lots of pain to hardly any (I switched to Motrin by the 3rd day). From my research on your site and discussions with my physician, I understood that the pain experienced each time I moved was due to the fact that, in laymen’s terms, the doctor essentially “filets” your breast muscle away from your chest wall, carves a new pocket for the implant to eventually settle into, and inserts a “foreign object” into that fresh, raw pocket. Naturally, your body rebels at this assault and lets you know it in no uncertain terms, too! However, by the 6th day, I was quite human and actually out shopping and having the time of my life: clothes actually fit me in the bust and looked hot (without a heavily padded bra) for the first time. I was thrilled!

Three weeks after my surgery (with my doctor’s approval), my husband and I flew to Hawaii for 3 weeks to celebrate our 25th anniversary and play golf on 3 different islands – which I was able to do fairly well starting in the 4th week after my surgery. The sports bras that the doctor’s office had recommended I purchase from Walgreens Superstore helped keep my breasts from moving around too much and were quite comfortable (no underwire bras allowed for several months). Getting used to a new swing was fun, too (bigger boobs…).

Within 8-12 weeks after my surgery (my memory is a bit vague on the actual date now), both implants dropped completely and properly into their pockets thanks to my doctor’s expertise and the 3x daily “massage” routine he required I start the week following my surgery. This “massage” routine was extremely important to the swift success of my augmentation. While I admit it was a bit uncomfortable to do in the beginning, it became significantly less painful and easier to do as time went by. The doctor had me reduce this massage routine eventually to twice and then once a day over a period of 2-3 months, and thereafter recommended that I simply squeeze each breast each day while showering to keep them supple in the future. As a result, I suffered absolutely no hard spots / lumps around my implants nor any unevenness, unlike many of the women’s stories I’ve read about. Due to the massage routine, my implants dropped neatly into their pockets and my breasts looked terrific and natural extremely quickly.

I would say full recovery from my operation occurred without a hitch over the course of 4-6 months in 2002 while the complete fading of my underarm scars occurred over the course of about a year (the scars’ redness faded until they completely disappeared into the natural crease under each arm – you simply can’t see any scarring!). Having my nipples in tact and my breasts looking so beautiful as a result is amazing…

Thank you – your site is wonderful!

I meant to share this summary of my experience 18 months ago and I apologize to your readers for not doing so sooner, especially since the experiences and advice of other women that were shared on your site were instrumental to my decision to have this operation, selecting a doctor, and understanding what to expect during my recovery. Being well informed, choosing the Brazilian method and following the doctor’s advice religiously made this experience both successful and very satisfying. I certainly feel great, look great and am very comfortable and delighted with my new figure.

Getting a “chest lift” at 55 fits the “better late than never” adage for me! I think it’s important to not think of having breast augmentation as a way to improve your life - you are what you are inside. Simply said, breast augmentation won’t change your life, but it will hopefully improve your satisfaction / comfort with your figure (I’ve discovered that swimsuit and bra shopping are actually fun – and I don’t even need to wear a bra now)!

Today, 2 years later, I remain completely thrilled with the results of my surgery. My husband is, too, though the idea and decision to have this surgery were completely my own. While he wasn’t for or against my having this operation, he supported my decision (he’s always been a butt-man more than a tit-man…) and is as pleased as I am with the outcome. For those of you who wonder what took me so long to take this step, suffice it to say I believe in waiting for the right moment and that everything works out for the best / happens when it should anyway. After all, the day I met my husband in 1976 was the day I knew I had met my soul mate – it was “magic” as they say. He asked me to marry him 5 days later and we are still enjoying a wonderful marriage (happily with great sex, too) after more than 27 years of being together. While neither of us is perfect (surprise - yes, we do argue…), we are best friends, lovers and partners who share goals, usually enjoying an 80-90% happiness quotient. And no, having this surgery did not affect our marriage (positively or negatively) nor alter my outlook on life or myself except in a fun way. I am still the same person.

For me, this operation was simply a long overdue correction of an oversight by Mother Nature!

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