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Mamie's Augmentation Story

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My personal cosmetic surgery journey is a bit different then most.
I was 42, when I had my first cosmetic procedure. I always struggled with accepting my breasts the way they were.Never thought I could or would, do any thing to change them. When I begin researching cosmetic surgery, it was to fix my ruined stomach.I had my 3rd son at age 40-it turned into an emergency c-section.My stomach muscles never recovered. I lost the weight and toned the rest of my body, but was left with wrinkled stretched skin.My OBGYN said "It was my badge of motherhood". I would have preferred a nice wall plaque, thank you very much.

So began my journey...
It wasn't until my 3rd consult, did I decide to ask about my breasts too.I then learned there was a medical term for why my breasts didn't look "normal". It wasn't just them being small, but they were shaped funny. Not pretty and round, but long cones."Tubular Breast Deformity" Gee, it would have been nice if some one had told me this years ago. Not even the highly paid ,lactation specialist I hired, because I couldn't breast feed my babies. Yes, I was told, I could have pretty breasts and a flat stomach again.That day, I knew Dr. Waldorf would be my surgeon - I would have big pretty breasts and a flat stomach.
I financed half and used my savings for the other half. Not cheap and not easy. My dear husband was incredibly supportive . He reminded me I didn't need any of it.
I was beautiful and sexy without it.

The surgery was a success, the recovery not too bad. I had drains in my stomach for 2 weeks, one of the hardest parts in the healing process. Well, maybe that's not true. I ended up with capsular contraction in my left breast. A risk all women take on, if they have breast augmentation. Never thinking it would happen to me. I developed an actual infection.I ran a fever and the breast was swollen. All this, after 3 months of healing.I fought the infection with antibiotics , ending with the scarring inside that makes the breast hard and ride high on the chest.I was sad and disappointed. Again my wonderful husband just wanted me to be safe and healthy.It took almost a year to save the money to get it corrected and I did. No further complications and I'm thrilled every day.I would do it all again.


Candy's Breast Augmentation Story

Plastic Surgery Stories

I am 44 yrs old had under the muscle in the armpit 475cc filled round went from small B to D And love it so far. It has only been 1 1/2 mo. so it's still new to me. I always wanted it done but could not afford it. I had two kids and breast feed 1. I got very big from breast feeding and after it all I had been left with a C cup. With them looking like broken water balloons!! After several years  I gained a lot of weight I was at 185 pounds. I lost 55 pounds and my breast were bad and when I say bad I mean bad. I would not let my husband touch them I told him they hurt and I would not undress in front of him I was so depressed with myself!! My friends I work with had it done and I wanted it done also but could not afford it and my husband did not like the idea. Well I did not care anymore about how much it cost and what anyone would say I took out a loan and HAD IT DONE! Like I said it hasn't been long since I had it done but my husband loves them and so do I! But, I do have to add that the surgery was very painful! I blame it on my age. I don't know if it has anything to do with it but it was worth it. I only wish I would of had it done a long time ago. Oh yes, and girls, before the surgery my sex life was not that good, well now OH MY GOD! Like I said before my husband loves them. Good Luck to all them women out there that are thinking about having it done.

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