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Breast Augmentation Surgery Journal Story:

My name is Mara and I am 24 years old. I live and work in Athens - Greece!

Here is my story:
I remember very good the previous summer, when during a "crisis" I had with the look of my breast I promised myself to have them repaired until the next one. I knew that I was very young and that I couldn't pass my entire life with "those" terrible looking boobs. And this is a fact…the look was horrible. One of them was smaller that the other and with a mild ptosis and also they were very, very, very small. Cup A but with big efforts.

I couldn't even see them naked! My whole look was very good; I am tall, athletic and generally good-looking. So this became an obsession to me and I started researching the whole thing.

SEPTEMBER 2000 I returned from my holidays ready to make my wish come true. I started researching the BA operation, the risks, the procedures and of course the doctors. I was convinced that I had to do it this year and I wanted to be as ready as I could. I didn't say anything to anyone but to tell you the truth I needed someone close to share all these fears and excitement. September passed like this and I just collected information.

OCTOBER 2000 I decided to get an extra job because the money for the surgery was a lot. So except from my secretarial job, I worked as a personal trainer and started saving money. My dream was about to be realized very soon and I knew it - it was close.

I had 4 consultations during November but believe me I didn't like neither the doctors nor their behavior. I wanted my doctor to be gentle and caring but those 4 doctors were exactly the opposite. I thought it would be a great idea to ask friends or search through Internet and so I did. I found a lot of information and also fantastic BA forums but nothing special about doctors. I had to wait!

I was out of Greece for all December for seminars in Italy and Spain but through my laptop I kept getting as much information I could. I returned in Greece for the Christmas and New Year's Eve and I share my secret with my mother. She was so caring and understanding that I couldn't believe it. May be because she had also BA many years ago in USA. She promised to be close to me to this decision and that night I slept better than all those previous months. I had an ally!!!

The New Year had already started. I visited the bank and Oh! My God …I had a big amount of money. Big enough to make my dream come true. I found also another surgeon through a friend of mine who had some other kind of operation and she was pleased with the results. I arranged a consultation for the first week of February and I couldn't wait!

8th of February was my date and I was there 30 minutes earlier. The whole atmosphere was really fantastic. Mr. Christopoulos came and took me in his office. He was fantastic!

We talked for about an hour and he told me that I had to think all those things we've said and call him back next week to tell him my decision. To tell you the truth after I left from his office I was convinced that he was the doctor that I wanted. I called him back the same evening and I said, "I am ready!" We arrange a new appointment for the next week and that was it! In the next consultation I went with my mother. We had to talk about the payment, the size and many other things. He suggested the 270cc Silicone Implants placed through crease incision under the muscle. After the measurement this looked like the better size (I didn't want to be very big) and he mentioned that a bigger implant would have been difficult to fit. So we arrange the clinic and the exact date and time of the surgery and he gave me also information about the procedure and medication. We left after 2 hours from there - and it was the time of the truth! 15 of March!!!!!

MARCH 2001:
It was already 14th of March and I couldn't believe it. I did it! Almost did it. It was the final day with my old boobs. I had to be in the hospital around 8:00 in the morning and I remember that feeling I had that night. I couldn't sleep at all. I invited a friend of mine in my home (the one I was going with the next day in the hospital) and we talked and talked until … I don't remember for how long. My mother was on a business trip and she was very depressed that she wasn't next to me those hours. She kept calling me all night just to see how was I. Well I was great!!!

SURGERY DATE: 15th of March 2001
I woke up at 7:00 o'clock and run in the bathroom. I wanted to have a good shower and be as clean as possible. I prepared my things and with my friend left the house. Oh! It was about to happen! I was in the hospital at 8:00 - my surgery was arranged for 9:00 o'clock. I had all the exams (blood tests, heart tests, X-ray examinations etc.) and about 8:30 my doctor was next to me. He asked me to get undressed and wear that "horrible" surgery cloth and said that we would meet in the operation room. Oh! That was the most terrible part of all. That room was so scary! It had that smell! He came into and draw my chest. He also took pictures and asked me to be as calm as I could. I laid in the bed and the anesthesiologist was next to me.. made jokes. I remember saying to him … "please do as fast as you can… I want to see my new friends quickly". The operation lasted for 2 hours and they wake me up while we were still in the operation room. I wasn't in much pain I was only very cold so they gave me a blanket and took me to my room where my friend was waiting for me. I smiled to him and asked him to call my mom! I was 15 minutes post operation and I was talking in the mobile phone. All the nurses were laughing, and couldn't believe it! I reassured my mother that everything was ok and she started to cry because she wasn't next to me. I told her that I was fine - just a little discomfort - and I told her that I would call her later. That moment my surgeon came in and said: "Stop talking too much! You always talk so much!" I tried to laugh but I felt very tight in my chest. It was like something heavy was on me. As the time went by I started to feel the pain more and until the time I left, 16:00 in the afternoon I had sharp pains all the time. I also slept a lot in the hospital and also in my way back to home. That first night was horrible. I couldn't eat because of anesthesia, I couldn't lay in the bed, I couldn't talk much - I was in terrible pains. My friend stayed with me all night long and what I remember mostly was that burning sensation in my new boobs. I slept only for 3 hours and as far as medication concerns, nothing special. You see my doctor believed that I had to fight the pain without any pills. Just normal - light medicines. Believe me this was for me very difficult but I did it! I still believe that if I had some medication I wouldn't have these terrible pains.

DAY 1:
I had a difficult night but I woke up better. I ate a huge breakfast - I hadn't eaten the previous day - and talked a little bit with my sister and my friend. Girls, it is difficult - your whole body is stretched - an experience that I never had before. I had to be careful for the stitches and also for my whole body condition. I wanted so badly to see my boobs but I had to keep that bandage for 1 more day. They seemed bigger of course but I wanted to see them. My mother returned also that day and I told her everything about my experience. She stayed next to me until I felt asleep.
Day 1 was difficult!

DAY 2:
It was Saturday and the friend of mine convinced me to go for a walk in the shops. I was very weak but I forced myself to move a little bit. It wasn't so good idea. I returned very tired and I slept for 2 hours. In the evening I went out again for a little drive near the sea. The pains were strong also for day 2 but nothing that I couldn't handle. The worst part is that you can't move easily and you need help most of the time.

DAY 3:
Oh! That morning I was feeling much better. I had my "color" back and the pains were softer. That morning I saw my new friends for the first time. I had my first shower and took off the bandage. They were so cute! No bruising, just a little swelling. I had the shower and wore a sports bra, which relieved me very much! Their shape was good even though they were high still. After that I felt that I was a new person - clean and haaaaapy! In the evening I went out for a coffee and didn't have any pains at all!

DAY 4:
It was the day I visited the doctor for the first time after the surgery. He told me that everything was ok and they already looked great. He told me that my surgery went great - I respond very well and there was nothing wrong. He told me to be careful my stitches and we arrange a meeting
after 10 days to cut them. I remember leaving his office with a big smile and really happy. I couldn't believe it but it was true! My two new friends were ok and I was excited!

DAY 5 - DAY 30:
This period run easily. I went back to my work (*Day 7) and I was slowly getting back my activities. Day 15 I went to cut my stitches and I had no problem. This month was a period of recognition of my new "me" and I enjoyed every single minute. I started to do my gymnastics at day 25 very easily but without practicing my upper body. For me, there is nothing to be afraid of! It was much better than expected.

Life is really fantastic! I have a total change in my attitude and I am full of energy. I never believed that these new "friends" would change my life so much! I have changed a lot! My boobs are now softer, little bigger than I expected but wonderful. It's worth trying to get your life in your hands! I did it and I will never regret it! All of you who read this story of mine realize that we must not leave the life passing by without having the control of ourselves! Try to do as many things you can for yourself!
*During this last month I work as a volunteer in the "FIGHT AGAIN BREAST CANCER" and I am glad I became a part of this trial. We have to be - except from beautiful- healthy and ready to face this problem. We use to say here in the Greek part of this worldwide campaign: "We must talk about the cancer and have a big smile in our faces!" Thanks for listening my story! I wanted you to know that I gave you the best I had in me hoping that will help and give strength to all of you! * KISSES

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