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There are over 6000 certified plastic surgeons and of them less than 20% are invited to join our directory. Although our web sites generate exposure and referrals for our member surgeons, our sites are created for the patient. Thus, we take our referral directory seriously and will remove a surgeon should we feel they no longer practice by the standards we expect from our member surgeons. We have removed surgeons from our directory in the past and have turned down many. When we say we list the best, we mean it. To see if you qualify, please inquire about becoming a member surgeon .

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What our Doctors say About Us...

"I recommended your site to other plastic surgeons." ~Dr. Revis, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"I think you have done a great job for both patients and doctors. Thank you for your professionalism and work ethics." ~Office of Dr. Pousti, San Diego, CA

"Thanks for running such a great site." ~Dr. Ciaravino, Houston, TX


What do I get?

One full page in our Surgeon Directory. Includes your address, your direct email and your office phone number and a link to your web site so patients may contact you directly without the hassles of going through a middle man. We also list your training, education and more.

What do I have to do?

Nothing! We will create your page for you so you don't have to lift a finger!

Do I have to sign a contract?

No! We know you will do well with us; we don't make you sign a contract forcing you to stay with us.

How many photos can I have in my gallery?

Your membership includes up to 20 sets of photos (up to six views in each set).

Is there a limit to the number of surgeons you will list?

Unlike other surgeon directories, each city is only open to a limited number of surgeons and surgeons are listed in their location by seniority, so apply now to ensure your listing.

How are you different from other online surgeon referral directories?

We are the Original

IMPLANTFORUM.COM was the original breast augmentation mega-site, online since April 1997.

A Trusted Resource

IMPLANTFORUM.COM was created for the patient and is recognized as a trusted, unbiased resource.

Certified Surgeons Only

We only accept surgeons certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Our Directory is Small

We list only the best. Thus, our directory is small, you won't be lost in a huge virtual phone book of advertising, unlike other directories.

Why haven't I heard of you?

We haven't solicited doctors in years. Most of our surgeons have been recommended by site visitors. We are not salespeople, we are in the business of patient education and surgeon referral and we are very good at it! The founder has a degree in marketing Magna Cum Laude, has done promotions for Titleist, has 17 years experience in online forums (the heart of IMPLANTFORUM) and 25 years computer experience.

How do patients find me?

Patients can search by city and state or by the surgeon's name.

How many hits do you get?

IMPLANTFORUM alone promotes your practice to thousands of potential patients every month whom return again and again. Through the web site and our friendly forum (which boasts over 15,000 messages monthly) they become knowledgeable about the procedure and secure and steadfast in their decision to undergo surgery. They can also apply for financing here. Thus, they are more likely to schedule surgery, be able to pay for surgery and unlikely to cancel.

Can I participate in the forums?

Member surgeons may participate in our plastic surgery forums (Breast Surgery Forum, Plastic Surgery Forum and Lipo Forum), which gives you additional exposure.

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Media Coverage


Chicago Tribune

"The desire for bigger breasts fuels a
boom in augmentation surgery From A to D"

"Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal"

Plastic Surgery Products

FOX News

(The National Cable Channel)


Plastic Surgery Products
Plastic Surgery Products

Plastic Surgery Products

Skin Deep Magazine
Skin Deep Magazine

We have been in the last 5 issues of Skin Deep Magazine

Plastic Surgery News
Internet-savvy breast patients form influential 'sisterhood'
Three page story

Los Angeles Magazine ~
"California or BUST"

FOX News (The National Cable Channel)
"Rebecca loves her saline breast implants. 'They make you feel more feminine and fit into clothes better,' says the Columbia, S.C., founder of" . . . Fuller says 95 percent of the women who visit her Web site, a plastic surgeon-sponsored forum for women to discuss breast augmentation, report they are happy with their implants. Even when an implant ruptures and deflates, women will get it replaced, Fuller said, "because they don't want to give up their implants." . . .And Fuller said that's exactly why she started "It's not something you talk about over the dinner table."

Plastic Surgery Today (in USA Today)

Nervy Girl Magazine ~ "Boom or Bust: Examining Breast Augmentation"

Breast Augmentation (Breast Enlargement) By Chana Stiefel
Breast augmentation now is considered a safe method to increase breast size.

"Silicone implants return, in a big way"

Radio Appearances

Skin Deep Radio Show

The Big DM "On Point with Cynthia Hardy"

Fox 102, The Big DM & Others

We have also been contacted by the following as a resource for information on trends in plastic surgery:

ABC News John Stossel's 20/20

The O’Reilly Factor with Bill O’Reilly on FOXNews

Rachael Ray Show

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Site Visitor Comments

"Dr. R and everyone in this Forum made the whole experience easy! Thanks for your recommendation!" - Sue

* * *

"Personally, I don't think you will need to look to other sites . . . this is the best one!" -Kris

* * *

"Thank you so much for this page. It is extremely helpful. I'm doing my research now & I plan to have the implants done within a year. I've gone to a couple PS for a consultation but I was not satisfied with their post surgery pictures. I've found my top 3 PS on your page & I'm definitely going to contact them."


* * *


I would like to comment on your website. BY FAR, this is the most attractive, professionally done and INFORMATIVE site I have found on the subject of BA. Over the past several weeks, I have been researching the subject and have literally spent half of my waking hours looking for any information on the subject that I could find. I spend so much time on-line. I am absolutely amazed at the wealth of knowledge that I have found here. You have covered every topic thoroughly. In using your site as a research tool, the only questions I have left are those that I will need to discuss with my PS regarding my individual needs. I would HIGHLY recommend your site to anyone who is searching for information on this subject. I also look forward to visiting your site frequently to view updated information. Thank you for providing this valuable service to many women.

Michelle M. Cleek

* * *

"Thank you for the valuable information you've provided on your website. The information and resources your site contains has been extremely helpful because you have provided a comprehensive list of where to go/who to contact/how to check references for the research I planned to do before making an informed decision." -Anonymous

". . . I am in IT (computers) and would not even consider going to a surgeon that didn't have a Web presence. My reasoning on this is: If the doctor is not cutting edge enough to recognize that he needs to have a web presence (to provide better customer service and remain competitive), then I don't want him cutting on me. It is important to me that a doctor embraces technology in all aspects of his practice, because that tells me he is a forward-thinker and he is using the latest techniques on me . . ."

* * *

"I found the implantforum site about 1-1/2 months ago and I can't begin to describe what a help it has been. From the personal experiences to the photos, and here, in the forum, I have learned so much!" -Athena

* * *

"This site was a blessing" -Mary

* * *

"Congratulations on a great website!! It is informative and very user-friendly." -Candice

* * *

"Thanks for the great website!!! I love it! It helped me find my doctor" - Vickye

* * *

"I think this site is great! I printed a lot of useful information that I couldn't really find anywhere else without spending tons of money. I also enjoyed reading the chat rooms. They were extremely helpful. This site definitely gave me the courage and strength to go through with my operation." -Anonymous

* * *

Firstly, Let me tell you just how impressive your site is. It's informative, nicely set out, easy to use, quick to load, fun, and I must admit, that after researching breast augmentation for the past 2 months (on a daily basis!), that this site far out does any other............I have not seen anything like it!!
* BE PROUD OF YOUR EFFORTS-they are well recognized..........the range of topics and options is just unbelievable!!!!!!!

Kind Regards,


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What patients say about our Plastic Surgeons

"I think that having a breast augmentation was one of the best decisions that I have ever made." Plastic Surgery in Texas

"A great surgeon" Plastic Surgeon in FL

"My plastic surgeon is an artist!" Plastic Surgery in CA

"My breast surgery went great!" Plastic Surgery in AL

"Fantastic surgeon" Plastic Surgeon in Chicago, IL

"I loved my surgeon" WI Plastic Surgeon

"I would go to him for any cosmetic surgery" VA Plastic Surgeon

"I was lucky to have such a great plastic surgeon." SC Plastic Surgeon

"Incredible plastic surgeon." OH Plastic Surgeon

"Gifted top-notch plastic surgeon." Chicago Plastic Surgeon

"Amazing plastic surgeon." SC Plastic Surgeon

"I am very satisfied with my results and recommend him to all my friends interested in plastic surgery." Plastic Surgery in CA

"One of the best plastic surgeons in South Florida." Plastic Surgeon in FL

"I loved my surgeon!" Plastic Surgeon in Atlanta, GA

"Great plastic surgeon" SC Plastic Surgeon

"A thoughtful and observant artist AND a surgeon." Chicago Plastic Surgeon

"He is the best surgeon!" VA Plastic Surgeon

"I traveled from Chicago to have him do my implants and I am so glad I did. My breasts look awesome." Plastic Surgery in CA

"An excellent job on my breast augmentation" Plastic Surgery in FL

"Excellent Plastic Surgeon" OH Plastic Surgeon

"The best plastic surgeon..." Plastic Surgery in Texas

"Outstanding surgeon"
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

"An amazing plastic surgeon." Plastic Surgeon in Indiana

"Wonderful job on my breasts." Plastic Surgery in FL

"The greatest plastic surgeon..." Plastic Surgery in CA

"I am very pleased with my breast augmentation."

"Terrific surgeon." OH Plastic Surgeon

"Amazing surgeon!" Plastic Surgery in TX

"Phenomenal surgeon"
Plastic Surgeon in Chicago, IL

"Great manner and skilled plastic surgeon." Indiana Plastic Surgery

"Fixed what the other plastic surgeon messed up..." Plastic Surgery in FL

"He does the best work I have ever seen"

"I am very blessed to have him as my surgeon." Chicago Plastic Surgeon

"A really good job on my breast augmentation" Plastic Surgery in FL

"I could not be happier with the outcome of my breast augmentation."

"He is a true artist of cosmetic surgery!" VA Plastic Surgeon

"Surgery was a success." Plastic Surgery in Chicago, IL

"My breasts are perfect." Breast Surgery Patient

"He is an artist first and a surgeon second." VA Plastic Surgeon

"Not only is the surgeon great but so are his co-workers" WI Plastic Surgeon

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